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This page is dedicated to everything and anything related to the beautiful Island in the Mediterranean sea known as Sicily.
We hope to dispel any misconceptions about the people and the island itself while showing all the diversity it has to offer.

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Street sign in Palermo written in Italian, Hebrew, and Arabic.


Sicilian Shepherd in Enna, 1971.


Emanuela Lodato, Nisia

"Nisia is the rich fruit of a combination of diverse elements: one part of songs from long ago and far away blended with two parts of stories of migration, tales of working lives, of journeys, lullabies and invitations to the fiesta and a celebration of life. Entirely in keeping with the tradition and their own compositions and arrangements, Emanuela Lodato (Sicilian dance and vocals) and Vincent Noiret (double bass) also perform several pieces saved from oblivion thanks to dedicated research. This work made it possible to preserve a whole repertoire which continues to be a source of great inspiration. "


Floriana from Compagnia Triskele in Enna, Sicily


Francesca from “Compagnia Triskele” in Enna, Sicily